For years, dental fillings were made from gold, porcelain or an amalgam of several different metals, including mercury. Our office uses composite dental fillings, also known as white or tooth-colored fillings, as opposed to ones that contain metal. Composite fillings have become very popular over the years for several reasons. First, they contain no mercury, which is a concern for some people. Since they are applied as paste, they form themselves to the opening in your tooth, which means less drilling is required. If the filling wears down over time, the composite does not need to be replaced. The dentist only needs to add more layers to the filling. The fillings have become stronger and stronger over the years, and the fact that they bond directly to the surface of your tooth helps keep them secure.

One of the biggest reasons composite fillings have become popular is due to their color. The filling material can be colored so that it blends in with the surface of your tooth, which makes it practically unnoticeable to other people. While they used to be reserved for cavities in teeth that were easily visible in your smile, they are now being used for fillings in any tooth.

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